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Answers to Common Questions

This is for all those who seek understanding. These are our answers only, the opinion of one group, and should never be taken as "the truth". Ask nine Witches the same question and you will get nine answers...

What is Wicca?

  • The Wiccan Beliefs
  • The Origins of Wicca
  • What is the difference between Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic?
  • What is a "tradition"

Seriously, what do witches really do?

  • Group Study
  • Casting Spells
  • Wiccan Gatherings
  • Performing Skyclad

Alleviating fears about Wicca

  • Is Wicca legal in the United States? (yes)
  • Symbolism of the Pentagram
  • Is witchcraft the same as Satanism? (no)
  • Do Wiccans use blood sacrifice? (no)
  • What is a cult?
  • Do witches recruit new members? Do they recruit children or adolescents? (no)


  • How do I find out more?

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