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FAQ's on Wicca
This is for all of the people who have asked these questions in the past and for those who ask in the future. These are our answers, the opinion of one group, and should never be taken as "the truth". Ask nine Witches the same question and you will get nine answers. This is one of the best aspects of the craft; an openness to diversity.

Ethics of the Goddess
"The complaint raised against Wiccans? They have no ethical guidelines. The answer? The Charge of the Goddess." ~ by Estara T'shirai , Reprinted with permission of Pan Gaia Magazine

Cult Danger Evaluation Frame
A simple system designed to aid in identifying a manipulative organization otherwise referred to as cults ~by P.E.I. Bonewits

An examination of the practice of skyclad and its purpose in the pagan mindset.

Writing a Ritual
The process of writing a ritual is sometimes daunting to say the least. To help you focus your creative endeavors we offer this basic outline on the process of writing a ritual.

Sexuality and Love in the Pagan Community
by Nia, Sibylline Priestess

Seekers Bill of Rights
This tool helps alert seekers of a problem if a group or teacher violates any of the ten rights described. It also reminds seekers that while they may not have "degrees", they are have rights and dignity. ~ by Charles Mars

Foundations of Wicca
Interpretation of Wiccan philosophy/theology/practice by Dianne Sylvan.

What Wicca Is
It's hard to define what Wicca is, since Wiccans are so vastly different in their beliefs. I can only tell you what I believe Wicca to be, and what I feel it encompasses and expresses. ~ by By Amber, Sibylline Initiate

Psychic Gifts
by Nia, Sibylline Elder & Priestess

Wheel of the Year
A brief description of the eight main pagan festivals.

Relationships Within the Pagan Community
by Nia, Sibylline Priestess


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