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Her ear pressed to the solid ground,
Inanna heard a voice taunting,
"Come on down.
The road is winding and the travel's long,
But if you come on down here, girl, you can't go wrong.
See, you're the Queen of Heaven,
And I suspect that's fine.
But I know you want the Underworld
And that is mine.
But we can bargain if you'd like to see
What the world would look like if you were me...

Down, down to the Promised Land -
Inanna was the Queen; she'd have the upper hand -
Past the seven gates of self-discovery,
To find Ereshkigal sneering wickedly.
"Did you think I'd let you come down here and let you go?
Come on, sister baby, don't say you didn't know.
You see, I'm the Queen of Hell! - are those tears in your eyes? -
Hallelujah, 'Nanna honey, you're a precious prize."

Inanna knew she'd been defeated by this twisted game.
And if she'd know her sister's plot,
Would she have done the same?
If she hadn't felt the tugging and the need to look
Maybe now she'd not be hanging on her sister's hook...

Originally published in "A Philosophy of Wicca" by Amber Fisher. Reprinted with authors permission.

To read more of Amber's work please visit her website at


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