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by Eric, Sibylline Priest

In the Beginning there was the One. The one was pure. The One was whole.

The One then saw separation and illusion. That illusion was Form. That illusion was Goddess. The universe was one now the universe was 2/2.

From the illusion exploded the universe. After the initial illusion, God fell into passion with the goddess. This time was the fire time. This was the time a great passion. For Gods energy was immense. This was the Plasma time.

After a time Gods passion waned to love for the goddess. The universe cooled slightly. This was the Gas Time. The universe still resembled the formlessness of God but was cooled by the power of the Goddess. This was the Air time.

The balance of power between the illusion of God and the illusion of Goddess then shifted. The universe was then more Goddess than God. This was the Water time. This was the liquid time. It was now that the galaxies and planets began to take there shape.

Then Gods power and love began to fade from the Goddess, and she began to rein supreme. This was the Earth time. This was the solid time. Now the planets took there shape all the elements of the universe where present.

The One who transcends them all. The One who is not the illusion. The One who is the Spirit. The One who is the Akasha. The One who is the fifth element that is all elements and beyond them for they are illusions of the fifth breathed life into the other four, and life began to grow, evolve and standing on the limbs of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, while being wholly Akasha, Being wholly Atman, Being wholly the One. All Souls are the One soul. All beings are the One Being. All things are the One.

To Say I am this and not that is false. To say I am is true. Where the story goes I don't know. For we are still in it.

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