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Changing Woman
Trinity, Sibylline Priestess

Shapeshifter, Storyteller, Healer

I am the heart of magic born in a time of chaos
In the infinite I reach for the uncreated
Slumbering seeds of change

My Soul whirls
Time swirls faster
Lives transformed again and again

I am the Gateway

Maiden who is Mother
Mother who is Crone
Crone who is Infinite

I have no end

I am the changing moon
My soul is new and new again
Every existence exists within

Embrace the many lives within your lifetime

Peel off the emptiness
Let my dark wolves devourer your cast off skins
Embrace the spiraling universe within

You are the mother of your change

I dance the storm
I am the restless wind
I am in your bones

Dare to dance with me on the Path of Beauty

dance the eternal spiral
dance your spirit
dance your life

twist, turn, transform

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