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Feasts of Fire and Air Poetry by Virginia Stewart
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(Kypris and Adonis)

Ah! Sweet and lovely are the iris which bloom
on Spring's breath in the wild wood,
yet lovelier still are two who meet by the murmuring water
unable to stray from love's embraces.

The Goddess reborn calls to her the free and untamed breezes,
cooling skin of ivory and of gold.
The God who gave voice to the first melodies
plays upon his reed pipes,
summoning She who is the bringer of dreams.

The whispering breezes and the fair piping
do play a harmony that tells of
the heart's longing for its completion.

Kypris, from whose midnight eyes
sprang all the glory of the stars;
Myrrddhyn, whose gentle laughter echoes
from the oaken pillars in the Halls of the World,
Will dance in ecstatic rejoicing
for the beauty of the light
which paints their bodies with the colors of the dawn.

And yet a third will dance;
A Priestess wandering through the mist enshrouded trees
is caught in the rainbow tapestry
woven of tender kisses,
and of the passion that brings unreasoned surrender
in the presence of the radiant spirits of the Holy Ones.

The Goddess and the God will take her trembling, weakened hands
and reveal to her the birth of a Universe,
unstained by dark imaginings;
And They will sing to her of the secrets
of the Ocean's longing in winter for
the step of Sirens upon the green stones;
And They will fill her with the love
that is stronger than death,
and deeper than the valleys found
beyond the untraveled mountains of the Moon.

Then will this one,
touched by the immortal madness of the Gods,
weep tears of unbearable joy
in the twilight of Avalon.

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