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Feasts of Fire and Air Poetry by Virginia Stewart
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In aMoment of Time Immemorable

My heart was stricken anew by the arrows of Eros
When, the summer solstice gone,
I awoke to find him gazing into my eyes

He was a God, forgotten by his people,
yet still he twined a fresh green laurel wreath
in His strands of golden hair

And while the flaming chariot of Helios faded in the west
My young God shone with glimmering glory
that flashed in Selene's milky light.

He took me in His Titan arms
and whispered that He would me a Goddess make
to bear a son that would shine in the night like His father

How could I, a mortal maid, resist such charm
and repel his impassioned clasp

I could have but spoken a word
and He, without the same,
would have risen in a cloud and abandoned his feeling.

But with the shadow of a smile, I gave my consent
that I would the unremembered immortal join
and be taken from the brevity of this life
to dwell with him forever
in the ruins of Olympus.

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