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Feasts of Fire and Air Poetry by Virginia Stewart
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The Harrowing
(to Baru)

The fragile bloom of shimmering steel,
polished smooth with wine and Abramelin,
Close wrapped round the heart of passion's rage
Ensorcelled stillness sure as diamond's brilliant coldness,
Frozen pain, pure and opalescent light,
Washed in tides of scalding need.

She is the steaming blade plunged into the forge of night.

Keen shattered shards of soul glittering,
tears of blood and rapture,
The sacrifice of circumspection on the altar of emptiness,
echoes of the endless silent howling at the advent of day.

The chains are burning, the cage unlocked,

I am the Hydra come up from ancient lairs in Delphius
to claim my Prophetess
Wrapping her white limbs in coils of smoke and laurel
Leaching away the gray dread of desolate isolation
I cast her upon the burning pyre of tenderness.

Release the rage to me that I may drink
and quell the thirst of maenad luminosity,
The taste of honey in my mouth,
Her blood upon my sword.


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