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Feasts of Fire and Air Poetry by Virginia Stewart
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(to a mortal Goddess)

I would offer to you my soul
unclothed, unstained,
melting in anguished flames of passion.

I would surrender completely to the breath
of your kisses,
drinking life from your lips,
tasting the pale ivory of your skin;
my fingers entwined in strands of starlight.

Restless whispers of fleeting visions in the stillness

You beckon me with glowing eyes;
now the frost of glacial earth,
now the heat of endless summer fields.

Battle maiden, shielded in armor,
the sword of your mind, keen and sharp,
poised at my throat;
slaying with tender, relentless rage
all of love's sweet temptations.

I am consumed by your terrible beauty;
vulnerable, as fragile as spider spun webs dressed in rain,
as remote and deathless as a Goddess
sculpted delicately from blue-veined marble
at the dawn of time.

Your innocent, unsated hunger is a blazing beacon.

Your anger a storm of fire and ice.

I feast at a banquet of infinitely gentle agony.

Oh that I were an army
that could conquer the city of your desire,
to capture and gaze upon
the unendurably luminous jewel of your naked heart.

Yet I am alone and silent.

And you stand all unknowing
that my spirit is withered,
seared with longing,
swept away by the winds of hopeless dreaming.





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