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Feasts of Fire and Air Poetry by Virginia Stewart
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Prayer to an Avatar
(to DD, my Aphrodite)

Dana, mighty and dreadful Goddess of Fire,
I call to You from the well of isolation.

A lover who longs in tormented trembling for the first
brush of white hot kisses on bared throat.

Sear my soul with the lash of Your crimson desire.

Gasping, paralyzed with fear-scented passion
I lie burning,
Writhing with waiting for Your agonizing touch.

Ignite the inferno of tortured tenderness.

Wrap around my body like the blazing of the dawn
Your scarlet strands of flaming hair.

Let me die the little death,
Melting in the furnace of Your arms.

Reveal to me, oh Goddess with eyes of jade,
Your terrible mysteries of hunger in the night.




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