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Open my eyes, O Mother, O Father,
And still my mind.
Make me firm in judgment
And sound of heart.

Let my feet tread lightly
A path of honor and righteousness.
Let my hands be raised in eternal celebration
Of the gentleness of the silver Moon
And the fierceness fo the virile Sun

Guide my way gently
With the delicate zephyrs of your breath.
Let my mind be clear of cobwebs,
Free to choose wisely
All the days of my life.

Grant me freedom from anger
That can not be channeled,
Freedom to give into passion
That causes change.

Be my strengtg when I am too weak
To walk the path of righteousness.
Be my voice when I lack courage
To speak against evil and wrongdoing.

Teach me to guide me that I might ever be
Your vessel
Your crucible
Your cleric
Your Light

So Shall It Be.

Orignially published in "A Philosophy of Wicca" by Amber Fisher. Reprinted with authors permission.

To read more of Amber's work please visit her website at

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