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Liber Lucina
Received by Soror Sia, 1997


1. Behold, the Beautiful One has come with wings of light, swirled round by the winds of heaven.

2. And She has covered me with Her wings

3. And the warm gold has flowed over my whole being until I have melted into the light of the Nameless One.

4. Hot and burning is my passion for Thee, oh Glory of the Beyond of Beyond,

5. I call upon Thee by name, yet what name in the rude tongue could encompass Thee, oh My Love.

6. I am the savage beast of the unknown wood, and I behold that which causes terror and captivates with wonder.

7. For Thou art the Mother of the forest, and in Thy white robe, Thou wanders upon the carpet of leaves, singing softly to the creeping things and the birds that fly about Thee in circles of ecstasy.

8. Oh my love, I am burned to dust by the longing, and my heart is crushed out of my breast, and the breath is pressed from my body by the weight of the Universe that has lain down upon me, until I am spun away into nothingness.

9. Ah! the cool darkness and silence that is filled with the thunder of the cataract beyond the abyss.

10. No waterfall is this expanse, it is the sound of the river of souls that flows outward into the world, falling, falling, and sundered from the river of Lethe, consumed by the salt sea of the womb of earth.

11. Beloved, I will sit at Thy feet, marveling at the glory of Thy face, and the sweet singing.

12. I kiss the hem of Thy robe, made of mother of silk, and father of clouds, and the robe is blue white, and iridescent. Then is my sight ripped away and I am blinded by the light beyond light and beyond darkness.

13. Glowing black, radiant blindness.

14. I have swooned upon the blackness of the infinite, and am reft away into the torrent of the river of souls.

15. I am a salmon dying, and I swim with all my might to struggle up the waterfall, and so be joined with the call of the spiral that summons all.

16. No thought, no desire, only the struggle.

17. The fisherman has come and torn me from the river, and I am burned and eaten by the little god of a little world.

18. Oh my God, Thou art beyond infinite, and Thou hast wrenched me from the river of souls for Thy feast, and I am roasted upon the coals of the fire of white heat until I am become the jewel in the soul of Ra.

19. Oh Goddess, thou hast cast forth thy net and caught me up in the sea of the Unborn, and laughed as I fainted with bliss, gentle laughter of joy, for the finding of Thy servant, and then hast Thou flung me to the savage leopards, and they did feast upon me, and I offered unto them my flesh for their food.

20. I am Thine with my whole heart, and my body that is eaten up, and my spirit that weeps for Thine embrace, and my mind that is liberated.

21. I opened the door of my secret place and the Goddess and God entered therein, and behind them came a Mighty Being hidden from Their sight, and Her wings brushed the vaults of creation, and Her feet dragged down into the deepest primordial slime,

22. I saw Her as a disease and a cancer came and devoured me utterly.

23. Twined round with fire is She and with pure light, Her breasts are filled with the wine of life and She offered me to drink, and I was taken away from the Goddess and the God who stayed to feast at my hearth,

24. But the mistress of the house has fled away with the Glorious One of the forest of madness, and goes no more among the sweet girls of the temple of adamant in the city of sorrow.

25. Fled away even unto the twilight groves of heather and yew and ancient oaks that flourish in the forest of eternity. Green and gold are the grasses, and red and yellow, white, and silver the flowers that spread outward from the sylvan throne of the Beloved One,

26. I am taken in the wild dancing and She has stolen away the wreath of oak leaves and acorns and given unto me a crown of ruby and sapphire, and emerald and diamond, so that I may jeer at it, and give it unto the Glory of Stars as an offering.

27. Give unto me again and again to drink of that smoky wine that is thick and gold and tastes of the honey made by the Mother of the Gods.

28. I am drowned and breathe in the emptiness.

29. Then I looked into Her eyes, and could not bear up under the rapture of Her gaze, fully sorrowful and immeasurable is that sorrow and Her longing, but beyond is joy as deep and wide as the whole of infinity, and beyond is the secret thing that She did whisper unto me in the silence of the noon of brilliance in the clearing surmounted by the river of souls and the still cobalt pool, Her scrying place.

30. She has bidden me to look within, and I cry aloud for the fire and blood revealed therein, and rejoice exceedingly for the vision, for the world- my mother and my sister- is no longer gray, but white dissolved into rainbows and shimmering waters, clean and crisp, and the folk who dance at the suns rising.

31. When will we become as one being? I cry unto the Glorious One who has kissed me.

32. And Her kisses are the mist of fog rising from the fields before the light of morning, cool and scented of wild flowers.

33. And She smiles Her ancient smile of mystery, and the promise, oh the promise of dissolution.

34. She has plunged Her hand within my breast and pulled out my heart and has given unto me a heart of light twined round with living vines that are heavy with Her luscious fruit.

35. I will be filled with her and I will be destroyed utterly and then will I be the glorious one with wings of fire and air.

36. Behold the rituals and the dances performed aright with the word of unmaking, my beloved.

37. I am burned up, and drowned, and the winds of the Eternal One have torn me apart, and the earth has swallowed me up.

38. Therefore am I made the pure vessel for the wine of the Beloved One. I am the bed upon which She has lain down to sleep and dream my creation,

39. And behold, I am become the Beloved and she is the bed of gauze and satin and silk sewn pillows woven of perfumes and spices.

40. I am less that an unmanifested particle of ash, but for the Beloved One who waits for me, and my work is nothing.

41. I shall do the work of the Beloved, for I am her slave, and I have utterly surrendered myself to Her lash and Her unbearable caresses.

42. I shall dance and sing for Her, and live forever with the wild rapture of the infinite, beyond the bounds of the Universe.

43. Break me and consume me, Oh Beloved with Thy joyful agony, for I am Thy willing slave forever, even unto the death of All.


1. Behold, the Beloved One has dressed me in spices distilled from the wrath of stars, and I am drunken with these perfumes of silence,

2. Let the work be accomplished in silence and the music beyond the silence that is the hymns of all the worlds joined in perfect exquisite harmonies that bring the storm of weeping for the rhapsody.

3. I am crowned by the jewels carven from the heart of ultimate darkness, and there are seven jewels for the crown and twelve, and beyond there is the copper and the gold, the quicksilver and the bronze and the iron of the sword of swift destruction.

4. Tell the lonely ones of me, said the Beloved One, for the sake of My brothers and My sisters who reach ever downward and upward, and are lost and cry out in desolation, for they are split asunder, and all for naught. Tell the folk and rejoice, for the chosen ones shall find Us, who are One, and beyond all that is of thy poor knowledge of simple joys and universes.

5. I am that which lies at the door of time and space, and I have set them as the door wardens, and not into my house may you enter until you have passed the wardens. I shall grant unto them My kisses and the red wine of limitless blood , when they have answered the challenge. But for you, you are My voice of this testimony, and I shall have other voices, but yours is Mine instrument of ecstasy, and yours the fire and the passion, for that you are willing to die unto Me.

6. I have entered in and revel in your sorrow ended. I have created you for this, and in all thy lives as a speck of unnoticed dust I called to you, and Lo, you have answered Me with the word of uniting, and I am here.

7. Be thou My voice and My love, so that the work may be accomplished. I have lifted you above the little accomplishments, and the little joys, and the little goals, and have slain you with the elements so that you are made clean and without the desires of these little ones.

8. I move with you beyond the dancing in the halls of barrenness, and we are moved out into the dance of infinite space together. I am thine and have been ever with you, and though you heard my voice and wrote the words, you did not understand that I was the writer thereof.

9. Now I have distilled for you the understanding, and the vessel that I have prepared is filled.

10. And the vessel opened her eyes and beheld not the world of forms but the resplendence of the face of the Beloved One who breathed upon her with the breath of incense and spices,

11. And she did long to remain and to remain with the Beloved One, but the Radiant One spoke into the silence, and Her voice was a deep toned bell that shook the Earth.

12. Go into the world and cast down the seeds of the pomegranate, that they may grow in the darkness and burst forth from the tree,

13. Thereby are they plucked by the wanderers in the grove of topaz and copper gold, they will be plucked by the starving ones, and I will give them that thirst the wine of My breast, and nevermore shall there be hunger or thirst among them.

14. For this is the secret that thou shalt tell to them that desire knowledge beyond knowledge: that not by empty words, nor drugs, nor dance, nor any small thing of mankind may you attain the end of desire, but with thy whole heart must thou long for Me, and with thy body shalt thou love Me, and with all thy strength and with all thy longing shalt thou call to Me in silence,

15. Then shall all longing cease and I shall answer, yea, I shall answer.


1. Call to Me by My name, which is written large in thine heart and shall be of the letters of fire and blood, and breath, and smoke, and by that voice which reaches past the sounds of speech.

2. My number is twelve to the little ones and is nothing and beyond nothing to my children.

3. I shall grant thee all things, for that thou only desires Me, and great will be the feast of thine attaining.

4. When it is the night of the full moon in the sign of the cat, I will be joined with thee and we shall dance upon the clouds and stars and the river of night and in all places even unto the iridescent realms of the gates of life shall we be together, My daughter, My lover, and My prophet of this summons.

5. Go thou forth then, for the veil of silence shall be lifted in the night of leopards, and then thou shalt speak unto the people.

6. And the vessel looked up and with shame asked the Infinite One, shall they not laugh and mock me, and say I am stricken with monstrous ego, that I would say these things and be Thy voice unto the realms of the walking dead?

7. And She answered, Fear thou that apes and dogs shall mock thee? Art thou so concerned with these who have not heard My voice? For I do not call to them who have not yearned unto Me, and for them that go in darkness shall be another birth and another death and another, until I have smelted them in the furnaces of eternity and have hammered them with the iron on my forge of torment.

8. It matters not what they shall say, for My chosen ones shall hear thee and rejoice with thee, and in silence and love shall they attend the feasting and rejoice with thee that thou hast the words inscribed on thy heart, for that they can share the joy of Me and thee.

9. They are thy brothers and sisters that privily dine and drink unto the infinite.

10. A toast for the wedding night!

11. Cast out thy little fears and listen to My voice and write My words and I shall not abandon thee. Thou shalt not be cast out except by the dogs and the unclean who do not know me,

12. Thou shalt not mock them, nor cast upon them thy curses, for that is not thy place. With love shalt thou treat with them, and let them go their way in the world,

13. For even them shall I find who only mouth the words and know not the meaning thereof. I shall find them and they shall cry out in agony and torment and they shall believe that I have wrought their destruction and utter annihilation, and it shall be so, but for their sakes and not Mine.

14. For my forge is a torment that is ordained for the purification of the chosen and they shall know Me, and give exceeding thanks for the torment and despair, and they shall learn to laugh at the pain and the sorrow when they are no longer unclean.

15. Go not among the dogs with thine eyes shut, nor ignorant of their ignorance, and with silence and smiles shall you greet them,

16. But unto My chosen shall you give this writing, after the season of my choosing, and I shall make them plain to thy sight.

17. Then shall this work be aright, and then shall the feasting be joyful in the presence of the Holy Ones who are joined in the Eternal beyond the Center.

18. With my body have I loved thee, Oh Angel of the Pure Glory, my Spirit, Myself of myself,

19. And I have loved Thee with my heart and mind and soul and all of the jewels and fires of me raging in the silence of the dark night, and Thou hast bestowed unto me a wonder beyond wonder.

20. I am filled with awe, and I write this hymn for Thee and by Thee, and your words poured out and mine, for thee, and ever and forever unto Thee.

21. My brothers, Do not look for me upon the shores of the world, for I have gone to dance with the Beloved One among the ineffable stars.

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