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The Kaddish of the Goddess
Revised by Soror Sia. Although the Kaddish appears in many variations, its original antecedents are in Aramaic, the vernacular of rabbinic times.

May Her great name be magnified and sanctified according to Her will in the world which She brought forth. May She establish Her peace in our lifetime, in our days, and in the lifetime of all the house of mankind - speedily and soon. So Mote it Be!

May Her great name be blessed forever and for all eternity and may She be blessed for all eternity. May the name of the Holy One, Blessed is She, be lauded, glorified, exalted, raised, honored, uplifted, and praised. She is above all blessing, song, praise and words of consolation recited in this world. Blessed Be.

May there be great peace from beyond and life for us and for all the Earth. So mote it Be.

May She who ordains the harmony of the universe, bestow Her peace upon us and upon the whole of the Earth. Amen.

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