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To Triton
- Fumigation with Myrrh -

Hear us, oh Lord of the profound Sea, whose arms encircle the Earth,
In the dark depths thy palace, brazen trident wielding,
It is Thou who rules over all the wide Oceans.

I invoke Thee, whose horses are the foam.

Water glides from Thy briny hair,
and Thy voice sounds through the thundering waves,
and drives the billows on the sands in raging roar.

Ride thy horses through the boiling sea,
Oh Triton, the waves obey Thee on the liquid plains.
Fate has given Thee domain over all the denizens of the deeps.
With Thy propitious gales,
breathe favorably and swell the sails of Thy supplicants.
Bring us gentle peace and health,
And pour abundance in a blameless tide.

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