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To Trieterieus - Dionysus
- Fumigation form Aromatics -

Ecstatic Dionysus, Divine and Many-Named,
Bull Faced Lenaean,Bearer of the Vine, Descended from Fire,
raging Nysian King, Creator of Initiations,
Liknitan Dionysus, pure and prudent crown-bearer, wandering in the Night,
Student of Persephone, Mysterious Power, Triple Ineffable Secret,
Ericapaeus, First-Begotten, Father and Son of the Immortal Ones,
Bearing the Scepter,
leading the choir of dancing Maenads,
Inspiring the Furies with triennial rites,
thundering Tages filled with burning light,
Born of two Mothers,
Amphietus wanders over the mountains clothed all in deerskin.

All-Revered God of the Grape crowned in leaves of ivy,
Bassiarian, beautiful and innocent,
Come, Blessed Power,
hear the call of Your mystics, and in these rites rejoice.

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