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To the Sun
- Fumigation from Frankincense and Manna -

Eternal Golden Eye of Day illumining,
Hear me Titan,
who beholds all unwearied in diffusing light.
We delight in Thee,
Oh Lord of Seasons who sails in a chariot of fire,
drawn by amber horses across the road of heaven.

With thy right hand, you call forth the morning,
And with thy left hand, you summon gentle evening.
Venerable, agile flame of heaven, hammer of the wicked,
You guide the steps of the righteous.

With your jeweled lyre,
play now a harmony for the world.
Father of ages,
all searching light,
Bearer of fruit, almighty Lord of Years, Great Eye of Nature,
Defender of Justice, Lover of Streams,
King of Life, Shine upon these mystic labors,
So that thy servants may live a divine life.

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