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To Persephone

Daughter of Demeter, Only-Begotten,
Come, Blessed Queen and to these rites incline,
Almighty, Venerable Goddess, Source of Life,
Who dwells in the profound depths of Earth,
Fast by the wide gates of the Underworld,
Beautiful, Fatal, Lovely-Haired Infernal Queen,
Source of the Furies, whose wrath descends upon those whom Demeter decrees,
Mother of Dionysus, Hypnotic, Divine and Many-Formed Father of the vine,
The dancing hours attend Thee, All-Ruling Virgin, bearing incandescent light.

Illustrious, Horned, Bounteous Maiden, alone sought out by mortal kind,
Oh Vernal Queen, who rejoices in the sweet and grassy plains,
Whose Holy Form in budding fruits is seen, Earth's vigorous Daughter in rainbow hues,
Thine alone is the power over the life and death of mortals.
According to Thy will the task is done, life to produce and all that lives to kill.
Hear us Blessed Goddess, send us rich increase of all the fruits of Earth.

Send us health and peace with gentle hand,
and crown our lives with blessed abundance, free from strife,
Last, in extreme old age, when Death comes silently,
we shall willingly go to the realms beneath,
To Thy fair palace and the blissful plains, where happy spirits dwell,
Until again You send us forth, into the world of Form.

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