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To Pan
- Fumigation from various odors -

From the Aethers and the darkling Sea,
From the Mountain and immortal Fire,
Soul of the World - Pan!
Blessed Pan, come leaping from the wild wood under the stars, and banish mortal fears!
The Hours and the Seasons dance in endless circle,
with the Goat-Footed God who pipes the divine melody.

Horned-One, lover of the fleeing nymphs,
and Echo's secret voice, unites what is divided.

Shepherds and singing streams, and all the flocks, and all the fruits, and the caverns of the deep earth rejoice in Thee, oh Fertile Pan!
Rouse not the wrath of Serpent Crowned Pan,
but praise his rich increase of Deep Breasted Earth, strong and everlasting.

Oh Pan, unwearied waters of the roiling sea wide-spreading,
liquid arms embracing yield to Thee,
The air, the breath of life inspiring,
The sparkling fire in the azure sky, submit to Thee.

Oh Nature, Obey the call of Pan, changing and uniting.
*Bounteous Pan, though through endless space shall mortals wander,
still thy foundation shall sustain us.

*Come to the Bacchanalia,
Oh Joyful Pan, draw near, and drive panic from all our hearts,
And grant our prayers of prosperity.

"For when away from Earth the peoples of the Earth in Boundless Universe living, Yet is given to Pan the foundation of us.- Literal Translation

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