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To Ouarn - God of Dreams
- Fumigation from Aromatics -

I invoke the Blessed Power of Divine Dreams,
Celestial Spirit of future fate, swift of wing,
Great Source of Oracles who steals softly through Sleep's sweet silence in the night,
and whispers to the mind,
Your power awakens the inner sight,
And relates to the quiet soul the will of Heaven, and reveals the future.

Forever the friend of the honorable, sacred,
and pure, who attends all holy ritual,
And inspires the dreams of mystics,
with pleasing hope and bliss,
Your visions reveal how best to mitigate the sorrows of destiny,
what rites shall please the Gods, and the means to appease Their anger.

Forever tranquil is the good soul's death,
Whose life Your dreams admonish and defend;
But from the wicked You turn away,
adverse to blessing the unworthy,
Your form unseen, the Spirit of distress,
No means to stop approaching ill they find,
for they are trembling with fears and blind to the future.

Come, Blessed Power, reveal the signatures on the mysterious decrees of the Universe, whose signs are present only to the worthy mind,
And bring us no ill omens.

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