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To the Nymphs
- Fumigation from Aromatics -

Nymphs, born of Ocean's streams, dwellers in the liquid caverns,
Source of Dionysus power,
In the world of form You roam exulting in the meadows,
sustaining the fruits and nourishing the flowers.

In deep caves and swiftly soaring in air,
in dew and in fountains and singing streams,
Seen and unseen in Your wide wanderings,
Holy and oblique, gliding through the vales,
With Pan you revel on the mountain's height
in ecstatic dance and thunderous drums.
In stone and forest sweet Nymphs,
Your breath is the refreshing breeze and whirling gale.

Tending the goats and beasts of prey,
ever young and unconfined,
Adventuring in Oceans,
in Winter and in Spring celebrating,
Nysian Nymphs, Lovers of Oaks,
Paeonian Virgins, with Dionysus and Demeter hear our prayers,
Bear abundance to mankind,
listen kindly to the voice of Your supplicants,
Give plenteous Seasons, sufficient wealth,
pour out health in lasting streams,
Come, fair Nymphs, and in these rites rejoice.

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