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To Night
- Fumigation with Torches -

Mother Night, Womb of the Universe,
You have born the Gods and all of man,
Hear, blessed Aphrodite, Lady robed in starlight,
In sleep's deep silence, in Ebon Night dwelling,
Dreams and tenderness attend your dusky company,
Your heart is lifted, when at twilight,
the long shadows grow and the scented lamps are lighted
Dissolving anxious care, you are the friend of Laughter.

Ride then upon the breast of Earth with your sable horses,
Goddess of phantoms and shadow play.

By your hand, were day and night divided,
And by the Fate's decree,
you have tempted even the sun to cast off his rays
and rest beneath the mountains, uncaring of mortal sorrow,
For dire is necessity that with adamantine chains has bound the World.

Be with us, present in this place,
and hear, oh Goddess, the prayer of thy supplicants.

Desired by all, whom all revere,
Blessed Night, dispel the fears of Twilight's dreadful shade.

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