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To the Nereids
- Fumigation with Aromatics -

Daughters of Nereus,
Dwellers in the caves of Ocean,
Dancers in the Waves,

Fifty nymphs who through the main delight to lead and follow Triton,
Rejoicing in the plunging horses of the foam,
half wild and nourished by the deeps
With those other Nymphs leaping and wandering through the liquid sea,
Your companions the bright and watery dolphins, sonorous and mirthful.

Well pleased to sport with Bacchanalian play,
Nerieds with your lovely eyes, whom sacrifice delights,
Send rich abundance on our mystic rites,

For to You was first disclosed these rites
divine of Holy Dionysus and Persephone,
Of fair Calliope from whom I spring,
and all the Muses, Blessed Be Thy Names.

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