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Hymn to Nemesis

Nemesis I call,
Almighty Queen
whose piercing sight sees all the deeds of mortals,
Eternal and much revered.
who alone judges the deeds of mortals.

Wise counselor,
who changes the course of the human heart,
forever transforming,
working without rest.

Every mortal knows Your influence,
men groan beneath the weight of Your righteous chains.

You know the thoughts in every mind,
and the soul ruled by lawless lust,
unwilling to obey reason, is judged by You.

Divine Equity,
Yours is the power to see and hear and rule.

Come, Holy Goddess, and listen to my prayer,
and take these mystics under Your protection.

Far avert form us,
Oh Nemesis,
dire and hostile impious counsels, arrogant and base.

And give us beneficent aid in our hour of need,
And abundant strength lend to our powers of reason.

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