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To Nature
- Fumigation from Aromatics -

Divine Nature, ancient All-Mother,
weaver of the veil, Creator of the Arts,
Venerable Queen over all dominions,
wild and wise, unchanging First-Born,
You still trace the unremitting circle of force and form,
Your feet unmoving,
Pure Jewel of Power, the end, unending,
Within all things and of all things surrounding,
Alone and silent, Fatherless, Self-Born,
You weave all things into
Your tapestry all-nourishing.

Beauty's Source, Life-Bearer,
All-Sustaining Supreme Justice,
Obedient to You the restless sea,
Of air and earth You are the Queen,
With sweet caress You bless the good,
and bitter Your lightning stroke to evil.

Lover of all, all bounteous and provident,
you cause the land to bear rich grain.
Father and Mother of All,
Abundant Impetuous One,
Who molds the seasons like swift running streams,
eternally flowing,
ever changing and unchanging circle,
Your hand upon the reins commanding.

Myriad Honored Essence, Test of Truth,
Fatal Flame of Immortal Providence,
You are the architect and the temple of life-everlasting.

Oh Blessed Goddess,
hear the prayer of Your supplicants,
and grant us a healthy life unending,
and ever-increasing wealth.

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