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To the Muses

Halyconian Muses, keepers of the sacred rites,
I call upon you to attend to this song of sacrifice,
Adonis I invoke, never doomed to die,
End and Beginning, he is all to all,
Gaea, and Helios,
Selene's pure splendor, and all the starry heavens.

God of the stormy sea, oh Triton whose waves encircle the Earth.
Demeter, who brings the abundant harvest, and Persephone, queen of the Land of Souls Artemis of the Hunt, and Phoebus of the golden Day, who walks unseen in Delphi;
Oh Bacchus, honored by the songs of Muses, and Orion of the bow,
and Hephestus of the Forge,Maker of the Chalice of Light
And Hades in His shadowy chambers,
All praise to the beautiful Hebe, and Hercules who fears no man nor god,
All ye to whom belong the cares of birth,
Justice and Reverence I call you,
And lovely nymphs and Pan the god of All.

To Hera the Queen and to fair Mnemosyne, Mother of the Muses hear me.
The Four Seasons, the Three Graces, and the Countless Hours,
Vigorous Eternity and Endless Time; Luminous Leto and Armed Curetes,
Household Gods and Goddesses I call,
The Idaean Gods and Spirits of the Aethers,
Righteous Themis whose gaze pierces all untruths,
And Night, most Ancient of all,
And Universal Light I now implore in Faith;
Cronos and Rhea, and Thetis behind the azure veil,
I call the Beauteous train of Naiades, from their palaces of pearl,
And Atlas, who saved mankind from cold despair,
The Stygian pool and Gentle Gods and Goddesses besides,
Illustrious Providence, and the noble procession of Spirits who dwell
in air, in fire, in water, and deep in the Earth.

Dionysus and Semele the friends of all,
And Bright Leucothea of the Sea, Bounteous Palamon,
Great Adrastria, and sweet tongued Victory who brings success,
And Esculapius who heals all the ills of man,
And Wise Athena, Battle Goddess;
Thunders and winds in mighty columns, roaring out in dreadful symphony,
Attis, Mother of the Gods,
Lend us your assistance and your grace,

And to my holy sacrifice invite the Power that reigns over all the Mysteries
Einodian Hecate, lovely saffron-veiled One,
Whose praise is sung in all the Elemental plains
Blessing the dark ghosts that wander the shadows,
Perfaea, unconquerable Warrior hail!

Always victorious is the bearer of the keys of the World,
Who strays among the mountains and wild woods,
Queen of Heaven and Nurturer of all be present in our rites and bless this incense,
Grant to us the desires of our hearts that yearn for Thee.

All ye whom I have called,
accept our homage and look with kindness upon our pious deeds.

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