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Hymn to Law

I call the Holy King of Gods and Mortals,
Celestial Law, Oh Righteous Seal upon the Earth,
Nature's firm basis, and the plains of the seas,
stable harmony of the stars, preserver of eternal, unchanging laws,
You are the All-Composing Power that connects the frame of heaven
and supports the spheres of the stars,
And shakes weak Envy with your roaring, until she whirls into nothingness.
Defender of mortals who crowns life with blessed ending,
It is Your command that brings order to every house.
Ever vigilant One, Companion of the honest mind and just action,
You are the foe of the lawless who destroys with avenging fire.
Come, Blessed Abundant Power whom all revere,
so that we shall never forsake the path of equality and justice.

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