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To Hades

Beneath the hills and wrapped in night, the cavernous plains below, the realm of Hades.
Mystic Hades, Holder of the Keys of Earth,
Incline Thy sacred ear, unlock Thy deep and adamantine gates, and bring abundant fruits to bear.
All needy mortals pray to Thee, and You reply with riches from your hidden chambers.
The seat of Gods, the basis of mankind is fixed upon Thine Avernean throne in the Underworld,
Distant, unknown to rest, where darkness reigns, and destitute of breath, pale specters dwell.
In dread Acheron, whose depths are shrouded, And Earth's stable roots are held secure,
Thou determines the fates of the dead, heeding the council of Queen Persephone, Thy wife.
In Thy black chariot, by sable horses drawn rapt over the deep, in the wondrous cave of Atthis, the wide gates display the entrance to Thy realm devoid of light.
Thou shelters mortal souls in the comforting heart of Gaia, in the dark womb of Earth.
Father of Dionysus, of subtle works, Thou alone are the author, visible and known.
Teacher of Mysteries, Rapturous Lover, Power All Ruling, Holy Giver of Hope,
who delights in the hymns of sacred poets,
Grant favor to the work of Your Priestesses and Priests,
And rejoicing come, for Holy rites are Thine.

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