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To the Furies
- Fumigation from Aromatics -

I invoke the dreaded roaring Bacchanalian Furies,
Tisphone, Alecto, Megara, dire and profound, secret dwellers in the caverns of the night,
Ever attendant on the mysterious rites held near the flowing river Styx,
Fierce defenders of Fate, exacting just revenge, Bringers of sorrows earned,
Terrible Virgins, hidden by the savage veil, from the deepest depths of the realms of Hades you come, changing form,
Aerial, unseen by mortals, swift as coursing thought.
The winged Sun, the Far-Flying Moon,
Wisdom and Virtue and Beauty may attempt to win the hearts of mortals,
But all in vain unless with You They make alliance, and far avert Your all-destructive rage.
You behold all of the boundless tribes of mortals, and You justly rule with impartial eye.
Come, many-formed, serpent-haired, divine Fates,
Suppress Your rage, and to our rites incline.

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