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To the Fates
- Fumigation with Aromatics -

Daughters of Dark Night, Infinite Fates, draw near and listen to my prayer.
Dwellers in the heavenly lake where white waters rush from a fountain that flows invisible through lightless caverns of stone,
And from the lake courses round the boundless Earth,
Yours is the power that determines moral life.
Mortals born with hope uplifting,
Trifling, light-hearted, presumptuous humans, born to die,
You conceal their destiny in Your purple veil, impervious to senses,
And mortals embark upon the reckless journey, Opinion for their guide,
Until, one by one, they complete their round, at Justice, Hope, and Care's conclusion,
Their terms absolved, prescribed by the ancient law of Power,
For the Fates alone survey the conduct of mortal kind with unclouded vision, and Their Justice is perfect.
Fate is the Gods' eternal eye that beholds every deed.
Come, Gentle Divine Powers, Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho,
Unchanged and Aetherial restless wanderers in the night,
Unseen by mortals, Fates All-Generative, All-Destroying, accept the incense and our prayers, Listen kindly to these rites and banish all distress.

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