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To Demeter
- Fumigation from Storax -

Oh Universal Mother, August Source of Wealth, Many-Named Demeter,
Great Nurturer, All-Bounteous, Blessed and Divine, who loves peace,
You nourish the grain, Oh Goddess of seeds and fruits abundant, and bring the bountiful harvest,
Upon Your throne in Elusias, lovely, Delightful Queen whom all desire,
You gaze upon the lovers reveling in the temple.
You care for all mortals and taught them to make the plow and yoke the oxen.
You give to humans all that they want, and bring to them bliss.
In the flourishing fields, Oh Honorable Goddess, you lead the Bacchian revels bearing light,
Rejoicing in the flashing sickles.
Kind, pure, earthly, prolific, venerable,
Goddess of Light who loves Her only-begotten daughter,
Queen Persephone,
Your chariot is drawn by dragons, and You ride out to bring all the flowers and fruits and all green growing things.
Bright Goddess, come with Summer's rich increase, swelling with child,
Bring us peace and health and fairness, and grant to us a needful store of wealth.

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