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Hymn to Athena

Only Begotten Daughter of Mnemosyne,
Blessed and fierce, explorer of the caverns,
Oh warlike Pallas, Spirit and Form,
Magnanimous and Famed, the rocky height and cool grove sand shady mountains are Thy joy,
In strength of arms and with the wild Furies, the souls of mortals Thou inspires,
Agile Virgin, All-Wise, Unmarried,
Blessed and Kind, Mother of Arts, Impetuous,
Let Thy wrath descend upon the wicked, and grant Thy wisdom to the good,
The arts of strategy are Thine, Zealous Dragon, Mistress of Forms,
Destroyer of the Phlegrean Giants,
Purger of Evils, All-Victorious Queen,
Hear us, Oh Goddess, whenever we call to Thee,
Oh Much-Implored Mother of the Arts, Gray-Eyed Athena,
Give us peace and health,
Grant aid to thy votaries,
And send us necessary wealth and prosperity always.

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