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To Apollo
- Fumigation from Manna -

Blessed Apollo come, and listen to our prayers,
Illustrious Power, revered by the Peoples of Memphis,
Slayer of Tetyus, God of Health, Lycorian Phoebus,
Fertile Source of Wealth,
With Your golden lyre, renew the rich fertility of the fields,
Giant who dwelt long in the Temples of Grynaeus and Smynthias,
Hallowed and Rural, Light-Bearer,
Companion of the Muses,
Noble and Beautiful Apollo, armed with dreaded arrows far-darting,
Bacchian God, Two-Fold and divine,
Far reaching is Your Power.
Upon Your daily course, the souls of all are revealed under the gaze of Your brilliant eyes.
Golden-Haired One of True Oracles,
You reveal the omens and pure precepts,
Hear me entreating for human kind,
Hear and be present with benevolence,
For You survey the boundless Aether, and every part of Earth,
Abundant, Blessed, Your piercing sight extends beyond the darkness, starry and profound,
The stable roots, deep fixed by You,
The World's wide bounds flourish because of You,
You inspire all Nature's music, a symphony in harmonious array,
Then the last string You turn, to quiver in the sweet and single melody.
Your immortal golden lyre, sounds the dance of the seasons.
Your music creates all of Nature's different tribes, and mixes them in equal parts,
You are Pan in royal guise, Who plays the winds upon the two-horned pipe,
And with figured seals, stamps the world with forms of every kind,
Hear me Blessed Power, save Your Mystics, and in these rites rejoice.

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