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Hymn to Aphrodite

Aetherial, Illustrious, Laughing Queen, Born of the Sea and Lover of the Night,
Mother of Longing, All-Connecting, who joins the world in harmony,
All things spring from You, Oh Divine Power.
The Triple Fates are ruled by Your decree,
All the works of craft and love yield to Your hand,
With a smile, Oh Aphrodite, you sway the all-encircling heavens, the fruitful Earth and the Storming Oceans.
All obey You, all are awed by You.
Companion of the Brumal God,
Beautiful Goddess of Marriage, Mother of Love, Lover of the Banquet,
Source of Persuasion who grants secret favors, Illustrious born, seen and unseen,
Gentle Lover, Lupercal, who smiles upon mortals,
Prolific, Most-Desired, Life-Giver, Kind Goddess wielder of the scepter of all the Immortals, You bind mortals and every tribe of beasts in magic chains of mad desire.
Come, Lovely Cyprian, and bless these rites, Whether radiant in the heavens,Or presiding in the temples of Syria,
Guiding Your golden chariot over the sacred floods of Egypt,
Or dancing on the azure shores by billowing seas, with circling choirs of mortals, and beauteous Nymphs with cerulean eyes,
Or riding out along the dusty banks renowned of old,
Or if in Cyprus with Your fair Mother, where married women yearly come to praise You, and the pure virgins sing hymns to You and to Adonis,
Come, Divine Union, for You I call with holy, reverent mind.

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