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Group Prosperity Ritual
Written by Sibylline members of the Austin Chapter

Originally performed for 12 during a Waxing moon (three days before the full moon)

Circle Casting and Altar Items

  • Sage
  • Broom
  • Chalice
  • Salt
  • Incense*
  • watchtower candles
  • spirit candle
  • cauldron
  • charcoal
  • sand pit
  • fire extinguisher (just in case)

Items for the Workings (provided)

  • 2 Trays (for oil and incense ingredients)
  • Small Green candles*
  • 3x3 Green cloth*
  • Candle pins/inscribers
  • Candle holders*
  • Gold thread*
  • Gold marker
  • Vial for oil*
  • Ingredients for the Oil and Incense (see side column)

    * indicates one for each participant

Prosperity Oil
A vial for each participant is on the tray and has the base oil already in it. The tray also has a mortar and pestle and a dropper for each oil.

  • base of almond oil
  • High John
  • Patchouli
  • Tonka Bean

Prosperity Incense
A small bag or pouch is on the tray for the participants to put the they will take home in. The pouch must be made of natural fibers so it can be burnt.

  • Alfalfa
  • Cinquefoil
  • High John
  • Patchouli
  • Red Clover
  • personal addition if desired

Brought by Participants

  • Bag (for incense)
  • Items to place in the charm bag
  • Drum (optional)


Acting Shaman: Sweeps and cleanses the circle and smudges the participants to enter the circle

As you enter sacred space may your heart be pure and open


Priest and Priestess stand facing eachother and make the following statements to invoke the god and goddess energy within.

PRIESTESS placing her hand on the Priest's heart chakra:

I see the God in you. Let there be peace and love between us for this working.


May this working be successful so long as it harms none. Blessed be.

PRIEST: placing his hand on the Priestess' heart chakra:

I see the Goddess in you. Let there be peace and love between us for this working.


May this working be successful so long as it harms none. Blessed be.

  • Invoke quarters/watchtowers

  • Invoke God and Goddess

  • Light center/sprit candle

Each member approaches the altar and picks up an incense stick which they light from the center candle (spirit). When all sticks are light the group walks deosil around the center altar. While walking the circle state the following intent three times.

We cast this circle to receive blessing of prosperity

When the circle is cast and the intent stated the group may sit in a circle around the center altar. If you are outside let the incense burn if you are inside the incense may be put out in the center altar's cauldron.

After the circle has been cast and the intent bound to the circle. The workings begin. Each item will be made by each participant. The ingredients are on two trays placed upon the altar. The Priest and Priestess sit opposite each other in the circle – this allows the workings trays to move round the circle equally.

The Priestess gathers the ingredients onto a tray, sits down in the circle, and begins the process of making a small/personal batch of oil. There are instructions on the tray in case the participants need directions. When she is done she passes the tray of ingredients to the person on her left.

The Priest (seated 1/2 way around the circle) gathers the ingredients onto a tray, sits down in the circle, and begins the process of making a personal batch of incense. There is an instruction paper to follow in case the participants need it. After he mixes it, it is placed in a small pouch to take home or burn later. He passes the tray of ingredients to the person on his left and gets up and tosses a pinch of his incense onto the charcoal in the cauldron on the main altar.

While the incense is burning each participant should inscribe their green candle with individual intent (abundance, money, health, luck, etc.) When they finish they may approach the center altar where they can anoint their candle with Prosperity Oil while thinking of their intent and charge it with their energy. They may then light it to release the energy to manifest and place the candle in the sand pit on the altar where it will be left to burn down.

While the candles are burning each participant takes a piece of green fabric and a strands of gold thread to make their prosperity charms. They mark the bags with prosperity symbols or runes, and add ingredients of herbs, charms, parchment, anything that focuses the prosperity they seek into their lives. When they are done they should tie the bag with 9 knots in gold thread and anoint charm bags with Prosperity Oil. To seal the working they can charge the bags by passing them over the burning prosperity incense. The charms will be placed on the altar to be charged by the group and then returned/collected.

The chant is created from random words that the group says. Building upon each other and adding energy. When the cone is strong the Priestess directs the energy into the charms sitting on the center altar. If you have live music or drumming all the better. The energy should be strong but not aggressive. It should be flowing and growth oriented.



EAT AND CELEBRATE All the food is green or gold in color to symbolize the ingestion of the intent and for coming prosperity.

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