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Letting Go of A Lost Love

by Trinity, Sibylline Priestess (1997)

This ritual is to aid in letting of a love that is no longer. It is to remember the happiness and love that was shared, to remember the lessons and mistakes, and to create growth and a new vision of love for the future. When you are ready to heal this ritual can ease the transition.

Altar Items
chalice, salt, incense – Egyptian Musk, athame. White candle to represent the Goddess, black candle representing the God, and a red candle representing love, three pieces of 3x5 inch paper, a quarts crystal for clarity and purity, a rose quarts for faith and love, an amethyst for cleansing and healing, a pen, matches, a cauldron, dried rose petals from a wedding bouquet, a picture of the couple together, some kleenx (just in case) and a cord of red satin ribbon wrapped and knotted around the picture.

Ideally the ritual will take place on a dark moon on a Friday to banish the relationship and ties to the conscious and unconscious, yet make room for new things to grow. It may either be performed inside or outside but should be in a quiet place.

Prepare the altar
- Place the dried rose petals in the cauldron
- Place the picture of the couple in the center of the altar with the satin cord tied around it
- Place three pieces of paper in front of the picture...
- The first is for the love of the relationship, place the rose quartz on it.
- The second is for the lesson learned, place the quarts crystal on it
- The third is for healing and the growth you desire, place the amethyst on it


Ground and center

Perform Sibylline salt water purification

Draw the circle an invoke each watchtower with the athame

East: Watchtowers of the East, Power of Air. Bring to me your power of new beginnings, renew my soul. I invoke and call thee to my aid.

South: Watchtowers of the South, Power of Fire. Bring to me your power of vitality, renew my passion. I invoke and call thee to my aid.

West: Watchtowers of the West, Power of Water. Bring to me your power of healing, wash away my tears. I invoke and call thee to my aid.

North: Watchtowers of the North, Power of Earth. Bring to me your power of strength, renew my strength . I invoke and call thee to my aid.

Hold the chalice up and envision it as take in all your pain and grief. See it absorb it and cleans it. Trace the Circle with the chalice: With Salt and Water I purify thee

Trace the circle with the incense: With Fire and Air I charge thee.

Invocation to the Goddess and God
Venus, Sekmet Goddess of Desire and Love, join me in this circle. Lead me towards greater insight into my heart and help free me to open my life to a greater love. Be with me now.

Pan, Adonis, Gods of desire and love, join me in this circle. Guard this circle and teach me the lessons of love lost. Help me to be free of this burden and guide me to greater passions. Be with me now.

Light the black God candle and the White/Goddess candle.

I am between the worlds, where life an death, joy and sorrow, Meet as one. The circle is cast, the ritual is begun.

Sit in front of the altar and take up the first piece of paper. This paper is for the love that was shared. It is for all the joy and wonder that your relationship has given you and that can never be taken away. Revel in the memories of the years of happiness. Let them stay in your heart and mind. Let them soften the grief for love is never wasted. Write down some of the thoughts and memories you have. Make them short and do not allow yourself to dwell. Let the tears flow if they are there but do not get lost in grief. The past can never be taken from you, Take a moment to meditation on the list while holding the rose quarts. When you are done take the paper an fold it three times and place it in the cauldron.

I honor and bless the fits that you have given me. And I bless and release all that have given to you.

Take the second piece of paper. This paper is for the lessons that you learned in the relationship and in the ending o it. They me be things you learned regarding yourself, your needs, your weaknesses. They may be happy or they may be painful but they are a part of you and they will allow you to grow if you look at them truthfully. Reflect on the illusions you have now discarded. Allow yourself to see in order to learn. Do not seek to place blame, either on yourself of your partner. Accept that all things in life are in transition, and that you stand on a crossroads. Take a moment to meditation on the list while holding the quartz crystal. When you are done take the paper and fold it three times and place it in the cauldron.

Lessons learned and love lost but not forgotten. My heart mends and my sadness wanes with the moon.

Take the last piece of a paper. This is for the love and growth that you wish to draw into your life. It is the healing and future of your love. The visualization of a better self and a better way to love. Be truthful in what is desired and know that when it is time and healing has begun it will manifest itself, Take a moment to meditation on the list while holding the may this. When you re done take the paper and fold it three times and place it in the cauldron.

I have taken the veil away from my eyes and heart. I see forward with the lessons of the past. I look inside myself for love. I welcome crowth and am not afraid.

Take a moment to look upon the picture and try to see both people as having shared a precious gift of love and time. See them as people with all their beauty and flaws. Let them live their lives with fear, guilt or pain. Cut the satin cord that bind the picture together knowing that peach person is whole and unbroken.

I release you, whole and unto yourself I release myself, whole and unto me. With heartfelt love, forgiveness and a wish to grow, I say so mot it be and It is.

Place the cord in the chalice with the paper and the rose petals and light them on fire with the god and goddess candle. As they burn the pain and loss of the relationship is broke but the joy and lessons remain in your heart and mind. The three stones may be kept in a pouch or left on your altar. They are physical representations of all that has been kept, all that has been learned, and all that will grow.

Thank the Goddess and God

Dismiss the Elements

Take down circle


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