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Kali-Ma New Moon Ritual

Compiled by Morgan, Sibylline Priestess


  • To destroy our inner demons and clear the way for a new beginning. (More information on Kali-Ma)


  • Mark the directions with tiki torches.
  • Tie colored ribbons/cords to each torch to represent the direction (optional).
    • North - Earth – green
    • South - Fire – red
    • East - Air – yellow
    • West - Water - blue
  • Create a door with candle lights for entry into the circle with a welcome mat between the candle lights. Light torches, candles and incense.



  • Two-edged Sword (or a representative item)
  • Bell
  • small bowl with moon water
  • small bowl sea salt
  • black candle for Goddess Kali-Ma
  • sandalwood incense
  • anointing oil
  • smudge stick
  • chalice with wine/pomogranite juice
  • Oreo cookies for cake (black offering)
  • cauldron
  • Tiki torches with colored ribbons
  • candles for the entry to the circle
  • "welcome" mat


[Ring BELL to signify the beginning of the ritual. Bring people into circle with challenge.]

How do you enter?

In perfect love and perfect trust.

How do you come?

Of my own free will.

[Anoint forehead with oil after the challenge.]


[Caste circle with staff, sword or athame.]
[Light smudge stick and cleanse circle with fire and air.]
[Sprinkle sea salt into blessed moon water and use to sprinkle around the circle, purifying circle with water and earth.]


[Facing East]
In the East I call Ushas, Goddess of the Dawn, to begin this new cycle and help us see through our illusions and seek the truth.

[Facing South]
In the South I call Parvati, to bring us the fires of purification so we may be cleansed.

[Facing West]
In the West I invoke Durga, to teach us to look into the dark places in our beings so that we may not be afraid.

[Facing North]
In the North I call Sarasvati to bring us the wisdom of India, her music and dance, so we may be wise in the traditions of the Goddess.

As above, so below. What is between the worlds concerns not the worlds, yet will change the worlds! So Mote it Be! We are now in sacred space.


Kali-Ma, Dark Mother, Great Goddess, Slayer of Demons and most compassionate Mother. Come join us, your children, tonight.

WORKINGS [walk around the circle talking to each person involving them in the "conversation" and the action]

This New Moon is we remember the black Hindu goddess, Kali-Ma. While the Full Moon is a time of manifestation of desires, the New Moon is a time of removing that which is negative and blinding in our lives.

Kali-Ma, the Dark Mother, holds the two edged sword, she has the power to slay the demons but also the ability to be compassionate.

Sometimes demons are our illusions and fantasies about life. Sometimes we do not see things for what they really are…. Or we disguise our own destructive anger from ourselves.

At a certain point it becomes necessary to take Kali-Ma’s sword and cut through the illusions that protect us from seeing and acting on the truth. Doing this is the shedding the snake’s skin; letting go of old beliefs and coming closer to our reality.

Contemplate the negativity in your life...

See Kali-Ma slicing this negativity away from your life with her mighty swords...

Hold this image in your minds eye... Becoming clearer and stronger...

Meditate on the negative and welcome shedding it. Embrace the moment when Kali-Ma approaches to slice it away.

As you do this, I will anoint your Third Eye with musk oil – the sacred oil of Kali-Ma. Pay attention to the smell of the incense- Sandalwood – the sacred incense of this Hindu Goddess. In Kali-Ma’s name I will come to each of you with her sword and ‘symbolically’ slice away the negativity in your life that you have meditated on and remove it from you.

[As the participants meditate the acting Priestess walks the circle anointing each participant and slicing through away the negative.]

The New Moon also represents a dark time, a time of spiritual rest, a time of planting new seeds to incubate and grow as the moon grows towards fullness. Spend a few moments in this stillness contemplating what desires or goals you sow this evening.

[After a few minutes have passed ring the BELL to signify the workings are done].


[Fill chalice, dip athame]
As the Athame is to the Sky, So the Cup is to the Earth,
And from their union worlds are born.

[Pour a small libation into the salt-water bowl]

[Pass chalice around]
May you never thirst.

Blessed Be!

BLESSING THE CAKES [using the wand]

[wand over the cakes]
Body of the God.

[Under the cakes]
Gift of the Goddess.

[In passing the cakes]
May you never hunger.

Blessed Be!


We thank you Great Mother, Kali-Ma, for slaying our demons and helping us plant new seeds of truth; and for the hope of a new beginning tonight. Go if you must, stay if you will.


[Facing North]
Sarasvati, Goddess of the North, we bless thee and release thee.
Go if you must, stay if you will.

[Facing West]
Durga, Goddess of the West, we bless thee and release thee.
Go if you must, stay if you will.

[Facing South]
Parvati, Goddess of the South, we bless thee and release thee.
Go if you must, stay if you will.

[Facing East]
Ushas, Goddess of the East, we bless thee and release thee.
Go if you must, stay if you will.

CLOSE CIRCLE [Use staff or athame walking widdershins]

The circle is open but unbroken, may the love of the Great Goddess go in our hearts. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again!


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