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Purpose & Format of Ritual

Ritual: "A ceremonial act or series of such acts. A system of ceremonies or rites."
– The American Heritage Dictionary.

The principle of ritual in the Craft is to bypass the superego and speak directly to the higher self through poetry and art. In the structure of self, the conscious mind (adult, superego, rational mind) has no way of direct contact with the higher self (spirit, Universal consciousness). Through ritual the conscious mind can bridge the gap to the subconscious-the child self, the archetypal self and through it contact the spirit.

Rituals, magick, and spellwork are a symbolic act done in an altered state of consciousness, in order to cause a desired change. Nothing guarantees you love, money, or luck. You must be willing to look at the beliefs and patterns that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Magick depends upon your willingness to accept change in whatever form it presents itself. Through magick we can attain the most important power - the power to change ourselves. A ritual can not be used in place of therapy. Performing a ritual will, at best, offer a temporary relief, but will not alleviate long-term issues such as abuse or mental anguish.

Four Steps of Creating Ritual
Ritual follows a natural progression of both physical and mental exercises. Each step is not only part of the process of creating ritual but is also part of the enactment of the ritual. By going though each of these processes the creator/writer/performer of the ritual is first mentally and then physically manifesting the focus of the ritual.

  1. The Need, The Desire, The Emotional Involvement
  2. The Knowledge and Preparation
  3. Belief and Manifestation
  4. Ability to Keep Silent, The Willingness Release and Accept


  1. Remember the intention
  2. Let the myths inspire you
  3. Use your intuition
  4. Benefit all and harm none
  5. Keep it simple
  6. Stay balanced
  7. Keep in touch with your feelings and the feelings of others in the circle (and acknowledge them)
  8. Honor the power of words (don't say things in circle that don't belong in the ritual space)
  9. Keep the imagination alive. (create, don't stagnate)
  10. Attend to detail-ritual altars consciousness and the details create a greater impact. If the ritual is complex- practice or rehearse if you want to keep the details under control.)

Questions to get you started:

  • Where is your ritual going to be performed?
  • How will you eliminate/control noise problems?
  • Are your neighbors going to call the police if you have drumming?
  • Are the participants comfortable with being skyclad/robed?
  • What music will you use? What incense?
  • What is your purpose?
  • If your ritual is outside, have you made provision for interruptions, insect and plant invasions, allergies?
  • Are your smoke detectors going to go off in the middle of the ritual?
  • Are the participants clear about what they will be doing?
  • Is there enough room for what you will be doing?
  • Did you take possible weather conditions into account?
  • What kind of food will your ritual require and how will you provide it (consider potluck)?
  • Can the participants afford the materials for the ritual?Budgets can be tight for some members of the circle.
  • Do you have the location of the nearest emergency room in case Gladys has a stroke or Mortimer has an asthma attack? Do you know the health conditions of the people in the group?



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