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Dark Moon of Hecate
By BreAnna Ashtara


  • Athame

  • Fire

  • Paper and Red pens

  • Letting go incense

  • Black candle

  • Honey for offering

  • Chalice with wine

  • A Key, A Rope and A Dagger for the altar

  • Small bags of Hecate Incense

3 parts Sandalwood

2 parts Cypress
(can be substituted with pine or mayan)

1 part Spearmint or Peppermint


  • The Altar and the fire is prepared

  • The ritualists are asked to write on a piece of paper the negative things or fears they wish to banish.

  • The incense pouches are prepared and put into a basket on the altar.

  • An index card with the Dark Goddess supplication is placed near the fire

Circle is cast.

PRIESTESS: Introduction of the Goddess Hecate (presented to the participants before ritual)

Hecate is the oldest Greek tri-form goddess. She is at the same time the three-phased Moon, and, in particular, it’s dark phase. She is the Dark Mother, or Crone aspect and a major deity of the Dianic tradition. Hecate is sometimes seen as the third aspect of the Trinity Persephone/Demeter/ Hecate for it is Hecate who leads Demeter to her daughter. She is a "dark" goddess, associated with magic and the night. She is often portrayed with 3 heads or with a 3 headed dog.

She was worshipped mostly at crossroads where offerings known sometimes as "Hecate's Suppers", were left for her late at night on the eve of the full Moon. The person leaving the food walked away without looking back, for fear of confronting the goddess face to face. This was a way of honoring the threefold goddess where one could look three ways at once.

On the altar are her three sacred symbols: A Key, A Rope and A Dagger. With the Key to the underworld, Hecate unlocks the secrets of the occult mysteries and knowledge of afterlife. The Rope symbolizes the umbilical cord of rebirth and renewal and the Dagger or Athame is a symbol of ritual power. She can be called on during the Dark of the Moon to banish or render justice.

(more information on Hecate)

Priestess steps forward with Athame and lights the black candle on the altar. Placing it and the honey in the center of the altar. Taking a handful of incense, she cast it into the fire as the invocation begins. (statement of intent followed by the invocation to Hecate)


It is our will to face and overcome our shadows.

Raising the Athame

Oh Dark Mother hear our call. Hecate, Goddess of the Moon, your daughters and sons are in need your wisdom and strength on this night. Your children walk with shadows when they wish to walk with the light. Fears and negativity haunt us, sapping us of our energy and our strength. We call upon you this night of the dark moon to aid in the banishment of these shadows.

Priestess indicates that the participants can sit if desired.

As you burn your paper concentrate on the things to be banished from your life.
Feel the fear or negativity and then let it go as you cast it into the fire.

Priestess comes forward with her paper to toss into the fire. After she is done the ritualist may approach the fire in random succession OR if the group is in a circle the Priestess may indicate the next ritualist to approach the fire and it continues widershins.

Each reads from a card placed by the fire and then rejoins the circle:

Hecate, beautiful Crone of Night
I call upon you to put things right.
Transform the negative thought, fear and pain
And help my life be whole again.

This continues until each ritualist has approached the fire. After all the ritualist have approached the fire and returned to the circle the Priestess reclaims center of circle.

Walking three times around the fire, she cast banishment powder onto the fire.


It is done.


Since we have created a void by banishing the negativity in our lives, we will need to fill that void.
Close your eyes and visualize a blue light washing over you, filling you.

Priestess gives everyone a few beats to accomplish this.

PRIESTESS while taking the chalice from the altar:

As above and as below,
As the Universe so the Soul
In all thy infinite wisdom,
We thank thee, oh Goddess Hecate, For thy protection
And in that protection, strength
And in that strength, understanding
And in that understanding, knowledge
And in the knowledge, justice
And in that justice, love
And in that love, light
And in that light, the love of all that exists
The love of the Gods and all that is the Goddess

*if all ritualist are capable do the following, if there are ritualists who need to sit you may place a chair in the center of the circle. If the ritualists are not capable of raising a cone of power go directly to the closing.


Please rise and link hands

Ritualist rise and link hands. The energy is changing, directed by the priestess.

We will now invoke laughter because that is the strongest banishment of all and the best protection. As we circle deisol, visualize the happiest moments in your life. Let the uninhibited child in you come out to play. Laugh. Even if it is forced in the beginning, it will come if you open the door.

Ritualist slowly begins circling, swinging arms.

Let the laughter fill you!

Circle continues until all ritualist dissolve in a puddle of laughter and tears.

Once calm starts to restore a helper goes and gets the bowl of incense off the altar and offers it to the ritualist to take with them.


Our fears and negativity have been banished. As you walk your path remember this night. Remember to laugh often. And if an old fear or thought of negativity visits you, call upon the Dark Mother with this incense and never carry that burden again.

The Circle is open but unbroken. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.


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