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Preparation & Resources: ritual writing | moon phase | invocations & prayers

Casting Circle

There is no one true right way to cast circle. The Sibylline method presented gives the foundations common to many Wiccan traditions. (11/00)

Hecate: Dark Moon
Ritual that calls upon Hecate to help release fear, shadows, and darkness within our lives ~ by Kat Sibylline Priestess (06/03)

Invocation of Hecate - Croning Ritual
Based on The Great Invocation, the Rite of Jupiter and the Bornless Ritual by Aleister Crowley. We suggest performing a circle casting or Star Ruby before beginning the ritual. (10/99)

Rite of Passage Ritual:
From Girlhood to Womanhood

A ritual written for the celebration and honoring the coming of age for young women ~ by Members of the Sibylline Order (11/02)

Rite of Passage Ritual:
From Boyhood to Manhood

A ritual written for the celebration and honoring the coming of age for young men ~ by Malakus (11/03)

House Blessing
Every space takes on the energy of those that inhabit and visit it. Fill your space with the energy of you and your desires not the echoes of others. Based on Starhawk's Spiral Dance ritual. (10/99)

Dedication of Altar and Athame
~ By Durwydd MacTara (12/99)

Tool Blessing
A purification of objects for ritual use and their transformation into magical items. (12/99)


Letting Go of A Lost Love
To remember the happiness and love that was shared, to remember the lessons and mistakes, and to create growth and a new vision of love for the future ~ by Trinity, Sibylline Priestess (08/06)

Rebirth Through Darkness
To release yourself to the darkness that has descended upon your life and call upon Hecate to lead you forward and gift you with wisdom and rebirth. by Trece Sibylline Priest (11/04)

For a New Mother
Align your psyche, intentions, and spirituality to establish a relationship with your baby. By Nella Sibylline Priestess (11/04)

In Gratitude
A ritual for giving thanks. (09/04)

Kali-Ma New Moon
To destroy our inner demons and clear the way for a new beginning. ~ Conceived by Morgan, Sibylline Priestess. (05/04)

Baptism & Naming Ritual
Written for the naming of a new child. ~ by Oran, Sibylline Priestess. (02/04)

Prosperity Ritual
A ritual to bring prosperity into our lives. Created for a small group to perform. The feast following the ritual should be of all green or gold foods. ~ by Sibylline Members (06/03)

Sacred Space
To introduced yourself to the land you are going to inhabit or consecrate. ~ by Prem, Sibylline Priest (10/99)

Shamanic Journey to Find an Answer
Finding answers to a personal question and look for strength and guidance in your query ~ by Ron (11/02)

Charge of Achievements
To charge the item(s) that represent my life achievements ~ by Lona, Sibylline Priestess (09/03)

Consecration of Tools
Ritual tools bridge the distance between the world of reality and the universe of energy. This ritual removes former ties and consecrates the tool and places its power in the spiritual world. (12/99)

Eko Eko Chant
For all those who heard rumors of this chant, but have never seen it. (10/99)


Maybon 2007
Written and performed in San Antonio 2007 (09/07)

Journey to Matlan: Samhain Ritual to the Mayan Underworld ~ by Trinity, Sibylline Priestess.

Rite of Persephone - Autumn Equinox Drawing down of Persephone for the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Ideas and some lines are from the Rite of Jupiter by Aleister Crowley.

A Wiccan Yule
Ritual Theater celebrating the wheel of the year and welcoming the sun from the womb of night ~ by Lori and Nia, Sibylline Priestesses



Greek Summer Rites
Summer Rite performed at CMA's Beltain Celebration 1994 ~ by Sibylline Members.

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