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Witches Bane

Witches Bane

by Susan Wittig Albert

Years ago, while arranging an Austin mystery authors book signing, I had the opportunity to meet the author of Witches Bane, Susan Wittig Albert. We had a wonderful talk and I became interesting in her books. Her "hook" as they would say, is to focus each book around a particular herb. The main character is the owner of a herb shop and just like Miss Marple, crime and murder seem to just follow her around. I would not want to invite this gal over for dinner.

I can't promise you won't figure it out - mystery fans are hard to stump - but I can say that the books are a pleasure to read as they are intelligent and clever. If you do read them write me and let me know what you thought, I have not kept up with the series.

Reviewed by Trinity

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