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Teen Witch

Teen Witch

by Silver RavenWolf

I am not a teenager, but I was thrilled when this book came out because I started out at age sixteen, before the teenaged Wicca crowd got so huge. Upon closer inspection, however, the book disappointed me on several levels. While I would rather have teens read this book than go out and get involved with some unscrupulous group or build their whole practice from the movie The Craft, I take exception to the fact that Silver's focus seems to be How To Look Good in Your Ritual Robe as opposed to spiritual development. Most teenagers who are serious about Wicca are not the kind who constantly worry about their hair or what boy is asking them to do what. While those are valid concerns for that age group, she seems to believe that teens drawn to the Craft are going to be the popular, typical-teen types who are willing to cast a spell to make a teacher nicer. Maybe that's nit-picking, maybe not. It's not crap; it's just not what I was hoping for.

Reviewed by Diane Sylvan




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