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Sacred Stones

Book of Sacred Stones: Fact and Fallacy in the Crystal World

by Barbara G. Walker

This book presents information on stones/gems/crystals in a very different way than others I have seen. Barbara Walker (apparently) has spent a considerable amount of time studying the science of stones (geology, mineralogy, earth science, etc.) and is not afraid to show contempt for those who have not undertaken the same approach. She has no tolerance for “crystal mystics” who make claims about the power of crystals that she finds ridiculous. Instead, she tries to focus on what crystals truly are (scientifically), what they can and cannot do, and what they have meant to different cultures throughout history.

I found that by skipping the introduction and heading straight to the alphabetical listing/description of the minerals, I was really put off by her tone. But going back and reading the first section of the book, where she describes in detail her love of stones and reasons for writing the book the way she did, made her often harsh criticisms of “mystics” a little easier to take. All in all, I’ve found some interesting tidbits about certain stones in this book. I especially like the history she provides for each stone. I wouldn’t call this book a “must-have” but it’s an interesting reference and does have information I haven’t seen elsewhere. It also has pretty pictures! ~ Val




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