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Living Wicca

Living Wicca

by Scott Cunningham

There aren't many books specifically written on advanced Wicca, which is irritating but understandable; once you've passed the basics, Wicca is kind of do-it-yourself, and your practice and experience will fill in most of the gaps. Scott's book is proof of how hard it is to write on this subject -- while a good book, it seems kind of hit-and-miss. It covers creating your own tradition, which is really cool, and making a Book of Shadows; it also covers ways to further your practice through study and prayer. But there are also a range of other topics that are a bit mismatched -- teaching, doing magic while ill, that sort of thing, that feel tacked-on. The information is useful and written in Scott's natural, knowledgeable style, but the subject matter is hard to tackle comprehensively in one book.

Reviewed by Diane Sylvan




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