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Complete Idiots Guide to Wicca & Witchcraft

The Complete IDIOTS Guide to Wicca & Witchcraft

By Denise Zimmermann and Katherine A. Gleason

Ok, stop laughing. For real! This book is actually really good and very basic, very general, but actually pretty good. If a total newbie were to ask me to explain all about witchcraft (technology, instead of religion system) I'd hand them this book. Beliefs are briefly touched, but not gone into in any real detail, since there's so many different systems. I found only 2 items in the book that I somewhat disagreed with, and only one that I completely disagreed with, but the items were rather small. It also really stresses magickal responsibility.

When I saw it in the bargain bin of I laughed out loud. I bought it, just to show folks that "Wow! We're mainstream! We have an Idiot's Guide!" I was, however, pleasantly surprised. ~ Ayla




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