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A History of God

History of God

by Karen Armstrong

I realized that although I had been exposed to Christian practices as a child - Sunday school and all that - that my understanding of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was sparse. Being a Gemini, it made me pause and want to learn more about the religions that dominate the world around me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm still Pagan I just want to learn more about the history and progress of these religions without the interpretation of clergy.

This book was remarkably intelligent and informative, for some it may even be a little dry. (If you read nothing else - read the introduction. The author's progress through life is fascinating.) It traces the earliest parts of each three religions, shows their struggles and changes that bring us to current day. The final chapter is called "Does God have a future" and I admit that I have not yet read it. The material is dense and requires focus as well as time to digest. Frequently the path of these religions gets caught up in internal political strife - something that I have little patience for and thus slowed my progress through the book.

In today's world, where we are faced to face with religious strife, understanding and knowledge is essential. As Pagans we are frequently faced with ignorance or assumptions with regards to our religion and history. I think that we too, need to seek understanding and knowledge of those religions and beliefs outside our own and thus start a conversation of acceptance and enlightenment.

Reviewed by Trinity

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