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Dancing With the Sun

by Yasmine

Another book on the Wheel of the Year, but with a twist; Yasmine includes rituals and suggestions on how to celebrate Sabbats, rites of passage, and several cultural festivals not on the typical Wheel. Celebrations include the Big Eight, rites of parenthood for regular and adoptive parents, child blessings, rites of puberty, dedications and initiations, death, moving away, ending friendships, divorces, handfastings, a pet's birthday, Lupercalia, New Year's Day, the festival of Bacchus, Kamehameha day (Hawaiian), Einherjar (Norse), and Kalevala (Finnish). There are spells, charms, rituals, recipes, and suggested decorations and activities for each. A wonderful book written from Yasmine's unique Pagan perspective. ~ D. Sylvan




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