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Circles, Groves, and Sanctuaries

by the Campanelli's

This one's out of print, but you may stumble upon it in a used book store as I did. It's a book on the sacred spaces of modern Pagans, and describes the altars, circles, and ritual rooms of all sorts of people including Silver RavenWolf, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Scott Cunningham, a guy in prison, a six year old boy, and a number of covens and solitaries from America and Europe. It's not so much a practical guide as a look into the backyards, apartments, and spare rooms of the community, with a handful of rituals thrown in about dedicating and using your sacred space. A really fun read that will have you out shopping for altar cloths and wondering how to build your own small-scale Stonehenge on your apartment patio.

Reviewed by Diane Sylvan




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