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Endless Wave Vol. 1 Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors
Reviewed by Diane Sylvan

I recommend anything by Roth and friends for ecstatic dance, but the music is also good just for listening to. This particular compilation is, on one side, the soundtrack to her instructional video. The second side is an original set of pieces designed for dancing the Wave, and both sides have a warm-up before beginning the Rhythms.

Sacred Spirit Drums

Sacred Spirit Drums David and Steve Gordon
Reviewed by Diane Sylvan

For those with a Native American bent, try this CD of drumming and flute with nature sounds and modern beats blended in. The selections get a bit repetitive after a while, but it makes great ritual music (and is also good for doing housework to).

Lassus: Missa pro defunctis, Prophetiae

Lassus: Missa pro defunctis, Prophetiae Hilliard Ensemble
Reviewed by Diane Sylvan

How could we overlook inspired collection which sets the Sibylline prophesies to classical music?! Traditional in its pace, slow and gentle vocals, the composition breaks from being yet another gothic chant collection by using a chromatic composition style, moving from key to key thus creating a dynamic piece. Though the music is intended for a cathedral, it is interesting to think of these pagan influenced pieces being performed inside a Christian church. ~ Trinity

Canyon Trilogy

Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music R. Carlos Nakai
Reviewed by Trinity

Based on his impressions of the Anasazi and Sinagua archeological sites, Nakai's music seems to capture in music the feeling of the the canyons of the desert. Listening to this artist is like taking a trip to the desert. The colors, taste, and solitude are all magically conveyed through music. There is a peace that closes over you like a warm blanket and draws you closer to a familiar past. Closing your eyes, you soar.

Other music by this artist
Winds of Devotion (new release)
Mythic Dreamer: Music For Native American Flute
Inner Voices


Chants: Ritual Music of the Reclaiming Reclaiming and Friends
Reviewed by Diane Sylvan

Chants is a compilation of the ritual music written by Starhawk and her associates of the Reclaiming Collective. If you've ever wondered where the old favorites "We All Come from the Goddess" and "Isis Astarte Inanna" came from, now you know. The lyrics are included, and having the recording is indispensable for covens, groups, and solitaires who want to use chants in Circle. The people on the recording are not professional vocalists, however, so don't put it on headphones really loud--some of the voices are a bit on the reedy and wobbly side. Still, a definite athames-up.

Other music by this artist
Second Chants
Let it Begin Now




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