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Thelemic Four Step Guide: Introduction

During an inventory, we examine these areas exhaustively, applying these questions to the past and present. We omit nothing out of shame, pride, or fear. Remembering that we are human, and that it is our duty to make mistakes, we have no need of hiding from ourselves. We make mistakes so that we can learn from them, so that we do not have to repeat them. An excellent place to begin might be, "what annoys or disturbs me the most about my behavior (or other people's behavior. Others often serve as a mirror for what we do not want to admit in ourselves. This is called projection)." Examine the attitudes, desires, and motivations that drive you, digging underneath the surface reasons to find out what they are really all about. For example, if you always have to be in charge, and become angry when someone challenges your authority (called "High Priestess disease" by some, and "Right Man Syndrome" by others), you might notice it at first as "No one respects me, and I'm right." You may feel that disagreement with your opinion negates your right to exist, it doesn't. Then you might remember that your abusive father never allowed you to have an opinion, or that your ex constantly undermined your decisions. Once you have the root of the problem, you can start to change.

Next, you need to begin to write everything down, you can destroy it later, as an act of magickal affirmation if you wish, but for now, you must face these issues head on. Next, list your assets and your liabilities. We want to encourage assets and grow more, and discourage liabilities. Some assets might be kindness, consideration for others, environmental activism, and love of animals. Liabilities might include lack of direction in life, laziness, and self-pity.

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