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The Eclectic Wiccan Tradition

The Eclectic Wiccan Tradition

A lot of people tend to get confused and imagine all sorts of things about the Eclectic Wiccan Tradition. While most of these conclusions rely on myths, some come forward to state facts. Since the world requires nothing but the truth, we decided to weigh in on the matter. So we are going to put forward points that describe all that you need to know about the tradition and minimise problems that come in the way. Hence, here it goes.

universal ecelectic wiccan


The Introduction

According to the Merriam dictionary, the word “Eclectic” means selecting what appears to be the best in various styles, methods and doctrines. If one has to describe Eclectic Wiccans, then this definition would be apt. They tend to promote the same concept, be it alone or through formal and informal groups. Moving further, the Eclectic Wicca is a term that applies or describes witchcraft traditions. Solitary Wiccans follow an Electric path but also includes a couple of covens who consider themselves to be eclectic.

Traditions and Practises

To understand the usage of the term and how these individuals progress ahead, you need to look into different groups that function. Their practises and traditions give out a better example of sorts, pushing forward the idea of Eclectic Wiccan in a clear cut manner.

  1. Modified Traditions – this particular group could be an affiliate of a well-established tradition of Wicca. But as the name suggests, these practises are not followed in the same manner since modifications come into the picture. The original tradition remains through different methods and forms.
  2. Mixed and Matched Traditions – they tend to use a whole bunch of beliefs and practises that arise from various traditions and pantheons. This unique blend is what forms and maintains the group.
  3. Uninitiated Practitioner – they push forward they’re practise by looking into publicly available sources on Wicca. Initiatory material or oathbound will not be put into use.
  4. Uniquely Individual Practises – an individual will be creating their own traditions which tends to be described as Eclectic.

The Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca

wiccan of tradition

If there’s one organisation that supports the practices of Eclectic Wicca, then it is the Church of Universal Eclectic¬†Wicca. They tend to describe themselves as universalism of religious beliefs that involves the matter of truth. By taking from many places, they push forward the idea of exploration and experimentation. These aspects are aimed at things that work and are a part of your religious life and leaves out the things that don’t work. The God or higher power that they believe in is either genderless or manifests both the genders by calling, “the Lord and the Lady”. Their beliefs are further strengthened by following the Five Points of Wiccan Belief.

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